Cleaning service for yachts

Cleaning services for premium yachts

Cleaning service for yachts

We make sure your yacht is neat as a pin

At Amsterdam Yacht Service, we know every ship endures a lot during yachting season. Saltwater, weather conditions and extensive use can lead to dull spots and scratches. As a yacht owner, that’s not what you want for your vessel. 

Allow us to fix that for you. 

Our professionals can clean and polish your yacht from stem to stern. This includes interior and exterior cleaning – a complete make-over of your vessel. With our hard work, we’ll remove that worn-out look in no time.

If you require a more extensive transformation, we provide high-pressure yacht cleaning up to 300 bar or revamp your ship by stripping old layers of paint from your craft with a high-pressure cleaner up to 2100 bar.

Let us take care of your yacht. By the time she leaves our yard, we promise she looks nothing but gorgeous. Get in touch with us to learn more or read about our complete refits

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