Designing your yacht

Let us deliver the yacht of your dreams

Designing your yacht

Designing a yacht from stem to stern can be a huge challenge, even for the most experienced yacht owners. However, with the right team designing and custom-building, your yacht suddenly becomes smooth sailing.

At Amsterdam Yacht Services, we have years of experience in custom-building and designing premium yachts. For this, we team up with leading naval architects and ship designers. Together, we bring the most outstanding designs to life.

Our shipyard in Zaandam is where the magic happens. Here, our team translates your dreams into a tangible ship. We advise and guide you through the entire process – from concept to manufacturing. The result is a tailor-made yacht that 100% meets your needs.

Because dreaming about a new, custom-built yacht is easy. Designing and manufacturing is something else. Let us take care of that. Contact us to learn more, and let’s start designing!

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